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Bridging knowledge & expertise gaps in fiber networks.

Through fiber infrastructure & optical system training, fiber network testing services & consulting.


Make The Right Investment

Fiber networks are a big investment. Building the best starts with a strong foundation - the fiber infrastructure.

Constructing, maintaining, and upgrading them to perform at their best shouldn't be compromised. Yet lack of proper training and inconsistent implementation of best practices result in significant and often unnecessary turn-up and maintenance costs.

Fiber Insight helps optimize network reliability from the start by making your best fiber network assets better - YOUR PEOPLE!

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Fiber Insight brings knowledge, experience and passion to optimize your optical network awesomeness.

Technology Education

Basic to advanced topics. We introduce or expand on technologies ranging from Enterprise to Fiber to the Home to advance high speed topologies. We help you develop your staff's knowledge and skills.

Testing Skills Training

From basic inspection, loss and ORL to OTDR analysis, dispersion testing and reporting, we offer both theory and hands-on lab training using a variety of testing solutions.

Industry Certifications

Through globally recognized OTT, we are licensed to deliver CFCE and CONA advanced certification courses. We are also an FOA approved school and provide CFOx certification training on request.

Network Custom Consultation

FI offers a range of consulting services options. Examples include technical and grant writing, fiber test procedures and audits, network troubleshooting, and advanced fiber testing.

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